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Dear VIP Family,

You helped us get this far but we need your continued support to get to the finish line.  

After 40 years the World Famous VIP Sign was taken down after becoming A historic Landmark  making it the only one of its kind anywhere in the world. 

We have received thousands of messages asking us what can be done to bring  the VIP sign back, well signing this petition you can bring the VIP Sign back to MLK and Pacific Coast Highway where the history was built. 

Your signatures so far have done the following

1.  Helped VIP Take Control of The Legal Rights to the VIP Sign -  Long Beach Councilman Dee Andrews and his Chief of staff worked behind the scenes to strip Kelvin Anderson Sr., the man who build the history, of his legal rights to the VIP Sign. 

For over  year the council office conspired with the owner the property the VIP sign was on top of to make the VIP Sign a Historic Landmark without Kelvin Anderson Sr.   YOUR SIGNATURE STOPPED THIS!

2. Helped make The VIP Sign A Historic Landmark - After we took control of the sign we moved forward with a partnership with the city of Long Beach to Make it a Historic Landmark with the rightful ownership.      

We had hoped our new partnership with the city would allow us to move in a better direction but commitments made to us by Mayor Robert Garcia have not been met and  and Councilman Dee Andrews and his chief of staff continue to undermine us in every direction.   

In 2017,  Mayor Robert Garcia asked us to make the sign a historic landmark and made a commitment to us to locate funds to help purchase the entire property that   the original VIP home was in so we could build The World Famous VIP Music Museum and Multi Media Center. 

We moved forward with an agreement  with the city to make the sign a Historic Landmark based on that commitment.      Mayor Robert Garcia knew the value of the property he was going to try to purchase would be over 5 million but led us to believe there was a chance.   That however did not go through and the Mayor did not follow up on locating funds or making an offer on the property.

We needed to find a home for the sign because 711 signed a 30 year lease,  for the original VIP location where Snoop dogg, Nate dogg and Warren G launched their careers.  VIP moved from the original location in 2012 due financial setbacks because of the changing music busines and moved to a location in the building but which was not under the sign.      

In 2017 a petition was started to stop 711 from taking over the Birthplace of G Funk and 711 came to table. They were willing to give up the location so VIP Could build a small museum, make the sign a Historic Landmark.   

We asked Mayor Robert Garcia for assistance to secure the location but he stated there were no funds to help VIP Records, when the benefits of the securing the location would have brought millions in benefits over time.  We needed about $120,000 per year to secure the location which we could have raised money for because of this history significance but we were short on time.  

Keep in mind the Mayor committed to finding millions for the full property but now he did not have a the amount we needed which was a fraction of the amount to secure a significant piece of history.   

The loss was hard to take but the community did not want to us to move the sign so we talked to 711 and asked them if they build their store to reflect he VIP history and we would secure a location beside them under the VIP Sign and build a space for to reflect the history.   

711 agreed and was willing to contribute financially to assist us preserve the VIP History.    After months of negotiations and working on our lease to move into the space beside 711, we received an email from 711 backing out of the deal.    

Within a few weeks from the communication sent by 711 to end the relationship, Councilman Dee Andrews held a check up from 711 to present to a local high school and sent the photo to the local news outlets, showing his support of 711 and not VIP, a community born and built business over a Japanese owned franchise that offed no community benefit or jobs. 

 Councilman Dee Andrews office then assisted 711 in throwing a party the week VIP Records became a Historic Landmark, showing a complete lack of respect and regards for the history.   Imagine a party to gentrify a historic site!

When that did not happen, Mayor Robert Garcia led us to believe we had a chance at an empty lot across the street from the original VIP Location, and asked we work with the city and not create more public pressure through media and petitions.  So for the sake of our community and the for the team we agreed. 

After we made the sign a Historic Landmark we had to rush to move it because 711 had opened never once doubting we were going to bring it back to the lot across the street.  

The property is city owned, the sign is a Historic Landmark which means it is a city resource and brings value to the community  and is located on MLk and Pacific Coast Highway where history was built.  This is the perfect place and situation to secure the history and help our community prosper!  Right? Wrong! 

Instead of assisting us in securing the property Mayor Robert Garcia, his chief of staff and other city staff stated that the legal department advised them that the city could not go into negotiations with VIP, and told us we have to bid on the property against other developers, this after assuring us he would work to put an offer in on the original VIP Property which would have been millions. 

We recently met with the Long Beach City Attorney whose legal team stated they advised city staff that if they wanted to go into negotiations with VIP that they could, as long as all agencies were paid for the sale of the property.  Who is telling facts or fiction we are not clear. 

We shared our concern with the city Attorney about the city council office working to strip VIP of their rights and the city's obligation to save Historic Spaces, but Attorney Charles Parkin did not feel it was a civil rights issue.   

So lets us be clear the City Attorney did not feel that  a council office did anything wrong but working with the owner of the building and the planning department to strip a 40 year old African American owned business, of its rights to its own property. 

 We would say this is a clear lack of equity in the legal department that should put checks and balances in place and not let leaders take advantage of the system.   

For about 9 months Mayor Robert Garcia, his chief of Staff and other city staff told us they could not help us secure the property without going through a bidding process, this despite our contract we have with the city and the mutual benefit of bringing a historic landmark back to the community. 

 We have lost money time and the VIP sign is in storage while city officials play games with us and the history of VIP and disarm the supporters we have in city council whose hands are tied in helping us because it is out of their district.    

 It is time to stop the games and think about the community that has suffered at the hands of Councilman Dee Andrews, with the highest unemployment and high school drop out rates in the city of Long Beach not to mention crime that hovers first and or second in the city of Long Beach.

Utilizing the Historic Landmark for a development is crucial not only for the preservation of the history but for the economic development and growth of the community and the city of Long Beach. 

The VIP Sign is state wide resource that is being treated like it has no significance and that is  Inequity and Economic Injustice.  Over  200,000,000 will be spent on the Queen Mary, the only other recognized historic site in Long Beach, aside from VIP while VIP is denied a few hundred thousand in support that makes millions back in benefits.     

It is encouraged by state and federal laws to preserve history spaces and landmarks because they are important to our communities on many levels.   Why is the city of Long Beach disregarding the federal and state laws.  

Historic Landmarks not only only raise the pride of communities but they are a major contributing economic factor to the sustainability and growth of communities by doing the following.

1. Increase property values around the landmark and for miles by 15% to 20%

2. Bring in Block Grants to the community

3. Bring in Foundation dollars 

4. Bring Heritage Tourism that stay in our hotels, eat and shop Long Beach

5.  Decreases Crime 

6. Creates jobs and builds small business owners

All while allowing the community to thrive without gentrification but rather celebrating and preserving the culture and history. 

The acts against Kelvin Anderson Sr. and VIP are the definition of civil rights breaches under the CA  Unrah Act, which guides Civil Rights in California. 

 The acts of the city council office are reminiscent of the Jim Crow ara that stripped the African American Community of its rights to its property and economic opportunity. 

 This is not about a sign, economic justice is a human right you cannot strip anyone of their rights! 

By Signing This Petition 

1. You are respectfully asking City Attorney Charles Parkin, Mayor Robert Garcia and The city of Long Beach Council to stop breaching the Civil Rights of VIP Records and award the Land on MLK and Pacific Coast Highway to VIP Records to build the World Famous VIP Records Music Museum and Multi Media Center.   

2. You are further asking the city of Long Beach to stop all such Civil Rights Breaches from taking place by doing a full investigation as to how this occurred and taking measures to stop it in the future by creating the proper checks and balances.

3. You are asking Councilman Dee Andrews to step down from any voting on the property located on MLK and Pacific Coast highway due to a clear conflict of interest.

4 Tell the city manager Pat West to release our public records.    We have requested records for over a year but the city manager has broken the law by holding back our right to review the records.  

5. You asking for a full  Investigation of the actions of the planning department and all city staff that worked to conspire against VIP.  

We appreciate your continued support please share and help us spread the word.   

The VIP Team.