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I started this petition because I woke up this morning to another story of a police officer in Filer, Idaho shooting a family dog! This is the second time in a week I've heard a story like this. There are many more when you google it. This is unexcusable. The officer could have called Animal Control, used his taser, or pepper spray, before resorting to deadly force. Within 38 seconds he opened fire on the dog. We all need to join together and put a stop to this immediately! Not just dog lovers or owners, but all animal lovers. As of February 12, 2014 the officer is not going to face any punishments for his horrible actions. Please sign this petition and be a supporter for this cause! Share with everyone! This has to stop now! 

Click here to view the latest incident in Filer Idaho during a childs birthday party:

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Letter to
Mayor of Filer, Idaho Mayor Rick Dunn (Mayor of Filer, Idaho)
Stop The Police From Using Deadly Force Against Dogs Immediately!