Help protect a Local Home Pet Sitting Service - V's Dog Walking and Care Services!

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I am the very proud owner and operator of V's Dog Walking and Pet Care Services. I was a woman with a dream and a passion who wanted to create a small town business focusing on providing unique Pet care services to dog owners. I wanted to create a professional dog business where clients could have the peace of mind that their dogs are receiving the utmost care and attention, whether it be a daily walk and visit or overnight care while they are away.

I am so humbled to say because of the support of my community, beloved clients and friends,  I have been awarded both Gold and Platinum Readers Choice awards for my Dog Walking and Pet Sitting services each year since being nominated in 2017. 

I have offered Dog Walking and Home Pet Sitting Services in the comfort of my home since 2014. I wanted to offer an alternate stress free solution to dog owners to have their dogs cared for in a loving home based care environment as an alternate solution to a Kennel environment. A Kennel environment does not cater to all dogs such as dogs with special needs or additional care requirements to name a few.

The most common being separation anxiety or being left alone for extended periods of time. By allowing dogs to be Pet Sat in my home this allows them to be with human contact on a consistent basis in a similar environment to their home. This significantly reduces their stress response as I am able to specifically cater to their individual needs. 

Just recently some unfortunate news had been passed my way, that my successful Pet Sitting portion of my business would have to close its doors. I am unfortunately being viewed as a "Kennel establishment" as our Bi-law does not currently have a description for my specific In Home based Pet Sitting service. I am in NO way shape or form a Kennel and have put my heart and soul into creating this service so that Pet care owners have a comforting, heart warming place to bring their beloved pets that is not Kennel environment!

As per a discussion I had with the town in 2014 (previous to establishing my business) it was communicated to me that there was no issue with my request. I had obtained my Business License and insurance and had been running a licensed, bonded and insured business. I am in NO way shape or form a Kennel and have put my heart and soul into creating this so that Pet care owners have a comforting, heart warming place to bring their beloved pets.

Due to a recent complaint from an unknown source, I am now after 5 years being told I need to shut my Pet Sitting doors. This would mean that every single one of my clients that count on my Services will no longer have comfort of home based care for their dogs. No more updates, pictures and videos, no more specialized care, no more stress free environment, no more inclusive walks and endless amounts of backyard freedom...comfy cuddles on the couch...the list goes on.

I am asking you with sincere gratitude to help support me in the continuing success of my Pet Sitting Business by signing this petition. To help keep my passion alive. To help give my clients pets a safe, happy and comforting place to go. To not have something I have put my heart and soul into for 5 years get wiped away. Thank you.

Sincerely, Vanessa

A Proud Business owner and Dog Momma ♡

V's Dog Walking and Pet Care Services