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Mayor Richard Berry and Albuquerque City Council: KEEP THE RIO GRANDE BOSQUE WILD!

The Rio Grande Bosque is a unique ecological gem. It is the only rift valley in North America and one of only five on Earth. The Rio Grande Bosque is overwhelmingly listed by Albuquerque residents as one of the top two benefits of living in Albuquerque (the other benefit being "sunshine.") It provides habitat to hundreds of different species, including the bald eagle, porcupine, and Sandhill crane, and serves as a welcome respite to people seeking the peace and beauty of wild nature. The Rio Grande Bosque is largely responsible for Albuquerque being elected #1 in the "Top 10 Urban Destinations for Nature Lovers" by TravelNerd.
The Mayor's plan of development and construction in the Bosque ( will cause untold damage to the land, both physically and aesthetically. While the "Rio Grande Vision" calls for preservation and restoration, it also includes major intrusive developments and commercial projects such as paved trails, 5 pedestrian bridges crossing the river, observation towers, boardwalks, boat ramps, rentals, restaurants, and even a lodge. The ecological impacts of the plan should be assessed, as required by the Bosque Action Plan, and the habitat should be nurtured and restored, not turned into an urban park. In addition to signing this petition to Mayor Berry, please contact your city council member. To find out who your council member is, please visit


Letter to
City Councilor Isaac Benton
Albuquerque City Council, President Ken Sanchez
City Councilor Klarissa Pena
and 8 others
City Councilor Diane G. Gibson
City Councilor Rey Garduno
Mayor's Office Rio Grande Vision Team
Mayor of Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry
City Councilor Don Harris
City Councilor Dan Lewis
City Councilor Brad Winter
Albuquerque City Council, Vice-President Trudy E. Jones
I oppose ABQ The Plan: The Rio Grande Vision in its present form. The Plan for the Bosque should promote and facilitate use of the Bosque as a wild, natural place. This is what makes the Bosque a unique treasure for Albuquerque. The Rio Grande Vision plan proposes inappropriate development within the Bosque. The Plan should fund a strong conservation/restoration component to ensure that our beautiful cottonwood Bosque thrives. The ecological impacts of the proposals should be assessed before The Plan is finalized, as required by the Bosque Action Plan.

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