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A Plea for Task Force Disiplina to PENALIZE Videoke Ordinance Violators in Valenzuela City

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I am a private citizen. My family and I are victims of noise pollution- videoke, loud stereo, radio, and speakers from inconsiderate, disrespectful neighbors here in our street, Baranggay Gen.T. de Leon Valenzuela City. I am not alone other Valenzuelanos in their respective baranggays have the same ordeal, please see the comments in this link. Even if there's an EXISTING ordinance that prohibits such activities (Valenzuela Videoke Ordinance 102), many still suffer because it is not strictly and properly ENFORCED. 

Ordinance 102 Series of 2013. An Ordinance Regulating the Use and Operation of Videoke/Karaoke Machine and Other Devices of Similar Nature in the City of Valenzuela and Imposing Penalties in Violation Thereof.

Section3. Prohibited Acts. A. The non-commercial use, utilization and employment of sound amplifying equipment, audio-amplified machines such as but not limited to stereos, karaokes, videoke, cassettes, radio players and similar musical devices shall NOT be allowed to play between the hours of 10pm until 6:00am of the following day, in ALL residential and socialized housing areas as defined and outlined in the Comprehensive Use and Zoning Ordinance of the City of Valenzuela. (Ammendment Dec 12,2016)


Why are violators NOT Penalized? According to the Ordinance:


Administrative penalty- a legal mechanism that allows the local government to penalize the violation of this ordinance, which consist of the imposition of monetary fine. It is intended to provide an alternative enforcement mechanism that is more cost-effective, timely and practical than prosecuting the offender through the court system.

Section 8. Administrative Penalties- Any person, corporation, partnership or entity found violating the provisions of this Ordinance or its implementing rules and regulations, shall upon notice of violation, be assessed and fined as follows:

For individual offender/s:

a.       First offense- an administrative fine of One Thousand Pesos (P1,000);

b.      Second offense- an administrative fine of Three Thousand Pesos (P3,000)

c.       Third offense  and succeeding infraction- an administrative penalty of Five Thousad Pesos  (P5,000);

For corporation, partnership, commercial or business entities:

a.       First offense- an administrative fine of Three Thousand Pesos (P3,000)

b.      Second Offense- an administrative penalty of Seven Thousand Pesos (P7,000)

c.       Third offense and succeeding infraction - an administrative penalty of Ten Thousand Pesos (P10,000)

Numerous times I've called the police, baranggay, and even called TASK FORCE DISIPLINA directly, which is  the agency appointed to implement the said ordinance, according to Section 12- Task Force Disiplina Shall be tasked with spearheading the implementation of this Ordinance, in coordination with the Business Permit and Licencing Office (BPLO),  and concerned Baranggay Officials. 

Multiple times the violators were caught in the act by either the baranggay tanod/s or police. If ONLY the monetary penalty is implemented, these rowdy homeowners will definitely think twice in violating the ordinance again. Without any form of punishment, bad behavior and lawlessness will continue. If ordinance is effectively enforced, victims no longer need to undergo tedious steps in reporting undisciplined neighbors. 

The creation of excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud sounds from videoke/karaoke systems or other amplified audio devices beyond limits and at unacceptable levels during unholy hours cause serious discomfort as they are detrimental to public health,comfort, convenience, safety, welfare, and prosperity of the general public.

Please enforce the city ordinance.

Also, please enlighten all of us of the formulated comprehensive anti-noise pollution program of Valenzuela City as stated in Section 10 of the said ordinance.

Aside from videoke ordinance violations, some residents are using the "10PM Rule" as an excuse to make noise ANYTIME of the day. They are not aware that aside from the videoke ordinance, we already have RA 8749, RA 386 Article 694, PD 1152 and a lot more laws.

Other noise victims and I would like to suggest that a clear scheme be made to regulate the use of sound system and other devices of same nature specifically in residential areas during daytime.

Please do something about this. Many Valenzuelanos are NOT having the quality life we/they want and deserve because of the absence of peace and tranquility in different parts of our city.


Republic Act No. 386 article 26
'Every person shall respect the dignity, personality, privacy and peace of mind of his neighbors and other persons'

 Article 694. NUISANCE is any act, omission, establishment, business, condition of property, or anything else which: (1) INJURES or endangers the HEALTH or safety of others; or (2) ANNOYS or offends the senses...

Philippine Laws Against Noise

Harms of Noise

Picture CTTO- Anti-Noise Crusaders of the Philippines



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