Improved Traffic Conditions Surrounding Park Avenue in Babylon

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This petition is for the residents of Babylon Village, NY that live in the neighborhood surrounding Park Avenue to be directed at our local representatives (Mayor Ralph A. Scordino, Executive Steve Bellone, Legislator Kevin J. McCaffrey and NY State Representative Michael LiPetri).  In the five years I have lived in this area, specifically on Livingston Avenue, I have witnessed an increasing number of motorists that do not respect our neighborhood as residential one.  They speed excessively, ignore traffic control devices (e.g., stop signs) and leverage side streets that egress to Sunrise Highway as a “cut-through” to save time.  The result has been an exponential increase in the number and severity of accidents on Park Avenue due to the behavior of these motorists. 

When residents raise concerns and offer solutions, to our representatives, we are given flippant borderline condescending responses.  While a study is being performed by Suffolk County regarding traffic control/calming on Park Avenue, I do not feel this is enough to truly resolve the issues impacting this area.  I propose the following to “Achieve an overall improvement of the community’s quality of life” for our neighborhood:

1.  Installation of Speed Tables (e.g., wide speed humps) in accordance with the guidance laid out in the NY State Highway Design Manual, Chapter 25 – Traffic Calming ( for Livingston Avenue and Cadman Avenue as they both egress to Sunrise Highway and should qualify as a Category II Field (defined within the NYS High Design Manual, Chapter 25) as follows:

  • For the blocks on Livingston Avenue and Cadman Avenue between the cross streets of Park Avenue, Marlborough Road and Beverly Road. 
  • Then also between Beverly Road and Ann Street on Livingston Ave and between Beverly Road and Midwood Road on Cadman Avenue.

2.  Installation of an “all-way stop” intersection where Livingston Avenue Intersects with Alexander Street, Gwynn Street, Pilcher Street and Morrison Street.

3.  Installation of an “all-way stop” intersection where Park Avenue Intersects with Ralph Avenue, Livingston Avenue, Fredrick Avenue, Cadman Avenue and Litchfield Avenue, which I would assume should be the outcome of the Suffolk County Traffic Study.

These measures should have an impact similar to traffic calming solutions installed within Patchogue Village to control reckless motorists.  The intent here is to limit the ability of motorist to achieve high rates of speed on our residential roads by shortening the distance between controlling mechanism (e.g., stop signs, traffic lights) and create a system of controls that should reduce the risk to the community as a whole.

I ask that you sign this petition to encourage that our representatives finally take the action that we have begged of them during several public forums.  I am truly hopeful that actions are taken to resolve the issues noted above before something truly tragic happens.