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Viaduct Maintenance is Vital in Keeping Our Communities Clean & Safe!

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Viaducts are large supporting bridge-like structures and allow trains to come in and out of the city. There are hundreds of them throughout Chicago and some have been in place for close to 100 years. They also represent an important connection for citizens and visitors to travel from one community to another via tunnels below these structures. FACT: The environment and sidewalks below these viaducts are NOT maintained by ROUTINE sanitation & safety programs. Its questionable whether routine viaduct assessments are done to ensure they are structurally sound. Sadly, residents can push to get these cleaned, but only after several calls and multiple explanations by officials to put off the responsibility for safety & sanitation to the city and/or the railroad. Has anyone ever wondered who ensures these structures are safe & sanitary?

I recently advocated to get our Pilsen viaducts cleaned and hope to inspire others out there who want to see important changes to make these structures safer for our communities. Remember, parents walk strollers through these unkept areas full of grime. Don't forget pet owners too! What about school kids walking to get to the bus? We ALL matter.

Health and safety is NOT the exception; it's the RULE! Say yes to a healthier environment and support this initiative! In my community, we call it #pilsencares. Please share this petition with your friends, family, and church members (direct link to site: Please remember to take pictures of viaduct conditions near you and post them to Twitter and Instagram @chicagoviaduct. Send pictures of trash, mold, needles/syringes, human waste, clothing, peeling paint, tires, abandoned city equipment, and crumbling walls inside these viaducts. Please also post viaduct location. We want it ALL!! Its important our city and railroad leadership see what you deal with on a daily basis. I also think its helps to keep the extent of filth in viaducts within the public eye. We need a collective voice to create important changes in our communities.


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