Mayor Emanuel - reinstate Susan Russell as Executive Director of CACC.

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The animal rescue community in Chicago was appalled this weekend to learn that Susan Russell has been removed from her post as Executive Director at CACC.

Susan has done amazing work for Animal Control and removing her is a huge step backwards.

In the past two years, under her leadership, Animal Control has -

- Achieved the lowest euthanasia rates in its history

-Achieved the highest live release rates in its history

-Undergone a major renovation to provide even better facilities

-Expanded its volunteer program, to both serve and include the community better

-Created and developed a number of new programs, including projects involving partner organizations and volunteer groups

-Created a cleaner and more hygienic facility, completely clear of the canine influenza virus.

These are major achievements, and brought Animal Control into a good place where it could provide a safe place for abandoned and homeless animals. It has become known as a progressive establishment, and has earned the respect of all those in the shelter community.

So why are you undoing all this good work?

This is a city with a multitude of problems, with animals often ending up as the victims. Your decision will undo all the progress made and make the city a far more dangerous place for its most vulnerable residents.

Your decision will lead you to have blood on your hands. The blood of the innocent animals that will die as a result of this decision, and the blood of future animals that will be born into abusive and dangerous situations when the community education and welfare stops.

Mayor Emmanuel, take a look at the wide picture and realize that you are dragging Chicago backwards with this terrible decision.

Reinstate Susan Russell NOW, before hundreds of animals lose their lives because of YOU.


"The greatness of a nation, and its moral progress, can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi.