We Need KCPD Accountability!

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Over the last decade we have had numerous instances of the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) killing citizens in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.  From December 3, 2019 to March 12, 2020 alone, the KCPD has killed five brown or black people.

Our citizens deserve to have a say in who governs the KCPD, who is killing members of our community.  We must get local control over the KCPD!  The Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners (KCBOPC) has never included a member that lives east of Troost which, is the area that suffers the most from police violence.  The KCBOPC has acknowledged for example, that body cameras for the KCPD, has been left out of the budget entirely.  KCPD body cameras is one way to provide accountability amongst KCPD officers.   

Kansas City is one of only a few cities still operating under a model that was established in 1939!  The governor appoints four seats on the KCBOPC.  We have been getting not help from the appointment of any other KCBOPC seats. 

Please help save lives by signing this petition, so that we can get local control over the KCPD and body cameras for the KCPD.