Please Turn Bryant Over To East Tennessee Bloodhound Rescue!

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I am begging for everyone to sign this petition and pass it on. It will only take a second to help save this dogs life. This poor guy belongs to a firefighter in Westwego, LA. The owner says he has vet records and the dog is in this shape due to depression. I have been rescuing bloodhounds for 13 years and as we all know, this is not true. The shelter currently has the dog for "Evaluation" We are pleading for this dog to be signed over to our rescue so we can begin immediate treatment on this poor guy. I have tried talking with the police, the shelter, and everyone I can think of. Please, we cannot let this baby suffer any longer. Something has to be done and we have the means to do it. We have a foster home willing to pick up this baby TODAY! Just sign this petition so we can let everybody know that we will NOT simply forget about this.