Petition for Reasonable Regulation of Student Housing in Residential Neighborhoods

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We the undersigned petition the Town of Hamden to adopt reasonable regulation regarding student housing in residential neighborhoods. We respectfully request:

1: Housing locations – impose a strict limitation on the number of permits provided where:

  • A permit will not be provided when the proposed property is within a 1,000-foot radius of an existing student occupied house.
  • No more than one permit will be issued to abut any residential property.
  • Only one permit will be issued per city/town residential block.
  • Each student-occupied house must have sufficient on property parking for each occupant. Excessive on street parking should result in a fine.
  • Permit issuance is subject to approval from abutting property owners.


2: require stricter rules regarding student activity. Permits will not be renewed based on multiple complaints.

(a)Students should not:

(1) drive reckless or at dangerous speeds in neighborhoods,

(2) host loud disruptive parties,

(3) vandalize and/or pollute any property within the jurisdiction 

3. create a complaint board with regular public communications regarding how to contact officials funded by permit fees.  

4. Any person who owns a house rented to students will

(a) be liable for damage, whether actual or perceived, to town resident-occupied properties.

(b) loss of property value, whether actual or perceived, as a result of student presence.

(c) subject to fines for blight violations.

(d) maintain properties in accordance with the neighborhood standard

(e) regulate parking to designated on property areas.

 Houses should be inspected for building code violations prior to, and after, each rental agreement.

Student rental housing should supplement the high tax bourdon on residents with diminished quality of life as a result of student neighbors.