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Stop the closure of Sir Philip Baxter Childcare Woollahra

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Sir Philip Baxter Childcare Centre Woollahra has been providing exceptional long daycare services for children in the Woollahra & Waverley Council communities for nearly 40 years. Located in a heritage-listed building in the residential heart of Woollahra, it provides a caring learning environment for children ages 0-6, many of whom go onto local Woollahra Public School with which the centre maintains a unique relationship.

In June 2018, the centre's owners the Benevolent Society announced unexpectedly that the centre will be shut at the end of the year and the site put up for sale. This has left parents only 6 months to find alternate services in an area which is already drastically short of quality childcare, as well as splitting up siblings and friends at the centre many of whom were not planning to move until commencing primary school. This unrealistic deadline not only impacts the well being of the children, but also places emotional and financial stress on parents and grandparents as they struggle to make alternate arrangements for their families.

Jo Toohey, the CEO of the Benevolent Society, assured parents that this decision was not about money but yet it was made without any consultation with parents or staff and the sale will be to the highest bidder, meaning there is no incentive for the site to be retained as a childcare centre. If the site becomes yet another apartment building, the wider area will lose a cherished community service with a long and valued history in our community. 

We implore Woollahra & Waverley Councils, whose residents are most affected, and the NSW Government to challenge this decision and ensure that the site is kept open as a quality childcare centre by either the Benevolent Society or its future owners. Sign this petition to stop the loss of a much needed service for the children in our community.