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The proponents of changing the name are wrong to do so, and those that vandalized the City signs are criminals.

By acts of Congress, Forrest, Lee and Hood, and all other Confederate Veterans are deserving of the same benefits of veterans of other wars.

This is an anti-American Veteran initiative and should be identified as such.

Doesn't the City Council have better things to do with its time and taxpayer's money that to replace street signs and change maps?  
Every agency in Hollywood & Broward County (fire, police, etc.) will all have to expend resources to effect the proposed change.

Who will this help?  Will it improve job prospects, economic development, education?  Exactly how many 'tourists' are not coming to Hollywood because of the name of a street?  

It will help no one and it is fiscally irresponsible to make a change that will cost untold dollars that only a small handful of people want.  Aren't there better uses for tax dollars.

What other streets should also be renamed?   Custer Street - because he killed Native Americans while serving the US Army?  Sherman Street - because some say he was a war criminal because he burned out civilians (black and white) during his march in the South?

How far will the 'historical cleanisng' go if the City starts down the slippery slope of erasing its history?  How much will it cost?  

What is the PROOF that Forrest founded the KKK?  Attacking the memory of a man who can't defend himself sets a really bad precedent.  What are they going to say about today's leaders 150 years from now?

Prosecute the Vandals.  Honor the Veterans.  Protect our History.  Keep Forrest, Lee & Hood Streets.


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