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We the undersigned petition the City of Woodstock and the other municipalities of Oxford Count

With subsidized income families, the retired and those living on fixed income exceeding the provincial average here in Oxford County there are many residents unable to afford the veterinary costs of caring for their pets.  Being the Dairy Capital of Canada we have a large farming community where the feral cat population is exploding.  The University of Washington studied feral cats and estimated one female cat gives birth to six kittens per year and with 50 percent being female and only 25% of kittens survive to repro age.  All surving female kittens become adults and reproduce with the same birth and mortality rate/  One female cat and her offspring could produce between 100 and 400 cats. Multiply this rate of reproduction times the number of feral cats will result in an epidemic if this rate of growth remains unchecked.  A successful spay and neutering educational program can be negated if the cost of the service is beyond their financial capabilities.  This is the 21st century and the continued killing ( mistakenly referred to as euthanasia) of innocent animals due to overcrowding is no longer an acceptable practice to the general public.  A more effective approach (the spay and neutering of far more family  and feral pets) in the reduction of the supply of animals, muicipalities will save in the cost of capturing animals at large,  paying to board, feed, kill, dispose of and pay market prices for vet services and medicines.  


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  • Mayor Pat Sobeski, Councillor Bill Bes, Councillor Ron Fraser, Councillor Jim Northcott, Councillor Paul Plant, Councillor Deb Tait, and Councillor Sandra Talb

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