Paphos 2017 City of Culture Embarrassment!

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Boy racers will remain a term that I would use loosely to describe the anti-social behaviour of middle aged men who spend the vast majority of their time speeding and revving their cars and motorcycles up and down Poseidonos Avenue, Paphos, Cyprus and do so on a regular basis through the day, night and early morning.

This behaviour has now traditionally gone on for many years much to the annoyance of Residents, Local Businesses and Tourists alike and very little continues to be done by the council or police in reducing or even stopping this offensive behaviour by irresponsible locals who obviously have very little respect for others, their community or their environment and who also have the audacity, on occasions, to remove the number plates on their vehicles so they cannot be reported.

I cannot think of a better time in light of Paphos 2017 City Of Culture for both the Mayor and his departments to now put into affect a Zero Tolerance policy in restricting this unnecessary noise pollution. This behaviour is not only anti-social but an embarrassment and a reflection on both the Police, Successive Mayors and their Councils. So what should be done to curb this behaviour?

1. Introduce more speed restriction signs along Poseidonos Avenue. What road signage exists from Alexander the Great Hotel to the Tea for Two cafe remains negligible and needs upgrading.

2. Introduce permanent speed bumps, they exist and continue to be built everywhere else in Paphos and the surrounding area but not where they are really needed.

3. That both the police and the law courts introduce new by-laws and impose anything from heavy fines to confiscation of vehicles in order to curb this anti-social behaviour.

4. Lastly, can I suggest that for the safety of both Tourists, Residents and People with Disabilities that at least two more Raised Pedestrian Crossings are created at Beach Walkways from Poseidonos Ave to access the Beach front opposite The Nest Cafe and opposite The Place Royale (Dionysis Hotel) with dropped curbs for wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Again what official crossings there are on Poseidonos Ave are negligible and are not wheelchair friendly. This will then turn the negative behaviour on Poseidonos Avenue by the irresponsible few into a positive for everyone who live, work and holiday in Paphos.

I would be grateful for the support of anyone reading this petition to help create a more tourist and disabled friendly environment for everyone who lives, works and holiday along one of Paphos Cites major tourists coastal roads.