We want Mayor GT Bynum to ban the rally planned for June 19th for Tulsa, Oklahoma

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The City of Tulsa has had a hard history when it comes to race relations. No matter what part of Oklahoma history you look at, someone is being oppressed by someone else in power. Even today, in modern times we know this to be a true fact if not just in Tulsa, but all across Oklahoma. Before Oklahoma became a state in 1907, the history of the land was already one where people were being oppressed and forced to relocate. 

Tulsa also has a history of ignoring its history and trying to brush it under the rug. Up until recently, the Tulsa Race Massacre is something that has been largely swept under the rug in Tulsa and largely ignored in the state of Oklahoma. Only recently when forced to confront these sins due to national attention, the City has started to try and make amends for the sins of the past. 

One way to help that healing would be to cancel the Trump campaigns rally planned for Tulsa on June 19th, a day to remember the ending of Slavery officially across the union. This rally for the president was intentionally chosen for this specific date, and this specific location intentionally. To let him use the City of Tulsa for his tone deff rhetoric is not only insensitive to the history of Tulsa but also plays directly into what his campaign is hoping for. 

Not only does the Trump campaign hope to turn Tulsa into a battleground between the Presidents supporters and those currently engaged in protest around the country; His campaign has a history of causing a large financial burden to areas, and not repaying debts, something that the City of Tulsa can not afford.

Lastly, planning a large campaign rally in Tulsa is a threat to the public health and safety of the citizenry of Tulsa. With the COVID -19 pandemic still infecting people across the state, to encourage such a large gathering of people is a risk to the public health of the entire state with those who would travel to Tulsa for the rally. 

I am asking the Mayor of Tulsa, GT Bynum, to reconsider allowing the Trump campaign to turn Tulsa into a battleground and erase all the work that the City has been doing lately to bring light to the Sins of our past. Instead, allow June 19th to be a time of healing and remembrance for the Tulsa Race Massacre, Osage Indian Murders, and the countless other sins of our past. Please sign this petition urging the Mayor to rethink the Rally scheduled for June 19th in Tulsa.