Reinstate Bow Liveable Streets Road Closures

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Transport for London (Tfl) announced a transformation of the Bow area with a £3.3million funding bid, improving traffic infrastructure and open spaces.

The bid is part of a multi-million pound Liveable Neighbourhoods programme across London, which aims to cut air pollution and increase public transport journeys in London to 80 per cent by 2041. 

Air pollution is a leading cause of global mortality, with the World Health Organization estimating over four million deaths annually caused by outdoor air pollution. Children are especially vulnerable and at risk of lifelong breathing disorders, asthma attacks, chest infections and earlier death.

A study across 28 primary schools in the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Greenwich and the City of London (all areas which fail to meet current EU nitrogen dioxide limits) found that children exposed to air pollution showed significantly smaller lung volume (a loss of approximately 5 per cent in lung capacity).

The Liveable Streets trial sought to tackle this issue by experimenting with changes to the congested area around the A12 in Bow. These changes include a bus gate on Tredegar Road in place from 7am to 8pm which restricts traffic coming from the a12 on to Tredegar Road and vice versa.  There are also road changes on Coborn road and adjoining streets which are used as 'rat runs' to get to the A12 more quickly by cutting through a residential area. These roads aren’t suitable for high volumes for traffic and large lorries. 

The trial was called off after less than one day due to anti-social behaviour, threats and protests by some in the neighbourhood - but not all! 

Whilst we realise the plan (in its current form) may not be the final solution, we feel that giving up after less than a day doesn't allow us to evaluate whether it could have been successful or not. At the time of writing this petition, the next steps from Tower Hamlets are non-existent and this is not acceptable. There is no time to kick this problem down the curb.

We refuse to accept that plans will be abandoned without a fair analysis. We accept the decision that TH needed to make as a result of the abuse received, but do not accept that this is the end of the conversation. The problem that this program was attempting to solve still exists and we're asking Tower Hamlets, if not this, then what WILL we be trialling and when?

We need a schedule and next steps as this problem is not going away on it's own and still, as before, is critical enough to try to solve. 

If you are a resident or frequent visitor to the borough and are being affected please sign this petition and SHARE!!