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Petitioning Mayor's Office Joaquin Torres and 13 others
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Mayor's Office
Joaquin Torres
D8 Supervisor
Scott Weiner
Mayor of San Francisco
Mayor Ed Lee
President of the Board of Supervisors
David Chiu
D5 Supervisor
Christina Olague
D7 Supervisor
Sean Elsbernd
D2 Supervisor, Family Friend of Sheriff Hennessey
Mark Farrell
D10 Supervisor
Malia Cohen
D11 Supervisor
John Avalos
D6 Supervisor
Jane Kim
D1 Supervisor
Eric Mar
D9 Supervisor
David Campos
D4 Supervisor
Carmen Chu
The people and stakeholders of San Francisco
The Honorable Mayor Ed Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Mayor of San Francisco: Reinstate Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to his elected office

Last November the people of San Francisco democratically elected Ross Mirkarimi as our new Sheriff. He has the public safety and legislative experience needed to run the Sheriff's office, and we want to urge our elected leaders to honor the will of the voters by reinstating him as our Sheriff immediately! 

Letter to
Mayor's Office Joaquin Torres
D8 Supervisor Scott Weiner
Mayor of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee
and 11 others
President of the Board of Supervisors David Chiu
D5 Supervisor Christina Olague
D7 Supervisor Sean Elsbernd
D2 Supervisor, Family Friend of Sheriff Hennessey Mark Farrell
D10 Supervisor Malia Cohen
D11 Supervisor John Avalos
D6 Supervisor Jane Kim
D1 Supervisor Eric Mar
D9 Supervisor David Campos
D4 Supervisor Carmen Chu
The people and stakeholders of San Francisco The Honorable Mayor Ed Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors
I just signed the following petition addressed to:
The Honorable Mayor Ed Lee and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

We, the undersigned, are residents of and/or stakeholders in the city of San Francisco, who support Sheriff Mirkarimi.
We are urging all City officials to not act to remove Sheriff Mirkarimi from his elected office, as we want him reinstated as Sheriff immediately.
As of September 2012 the decision to reinstate Sheriff Mirkarimi will soon be before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and we urge them to carefully weigh the evidence, or lack thereof, that the City attorneys "presented" to the Ethics Commission, and conclude that there was no official misconduct, and to reinstate the Sheriff with backpay immediately.
Sheriff Mirkarimi was democratically elected by the people, to serve the people, as an innovative public safety leader. He’s the change agent required at this juncture: including the transition from three-plus decades of Sheriff Hennessey’s beneficial and thoughtful leadership, and the new challenges with prison realignment; changes Sheriff Mirkarimi has the experience, vision and philosophies to implement.
Sheriff Mirkarimi already has a proven public safety track record from his seven years as a Supervisor. He has been a prolific author of effective legislation, always advocating for his constituents. Sheriff Mirkarimi has dedicated his entire life to public service, and his hard work has made a measureable difference in people’s lives. We believe that his policies will advance restorative justice, rehabilitation, and successful reentry into the community for ex-offenders, making San Francisco the safest city possible.
We continue to support Sheriff Mirkarimi and ask that you do also.
Thank you for your time and consideration.