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No day passes by without horrible news about mass killings of stray dogs and cats in Romania. This time mass poisoning of dogs ( and other small animals ) has been reported in PLOIESTI - Prahova County - Romania...
It has come to our attention that "squads" of dog catchers operate at night in many neighborhoods in Ploiesti, picking up dogs and possibly placing POISON....It seems OBVIOUS that the town hall of Ploiesti is NOT stranger to their activities, there for THIS TOWN MUST BE BOYCOTTED...and shamed in front of the entire world.
The law enforcement agencies have been informed, YET the chances that the local Police will do everything in their power to find him and to prosecute him, are quite I guess we need to pressure them....because this is Romania and they take very very lightly these crimes....
It also might be possible that ,at least some of local authorities KNOW what is going on and maybe THEY decided to "clean up " the streets in this MOST BARBARIC and despicable manner....Prahova County and its capital city PLOIESTI< are already NOTORIOUS for so many crimes against animals gone UNPUNISHED because way too many times the POLICE does not even bother to investigate and because way too many times, THOSE who are already known of committing crimes ( intentional killings of animals ) have "friends" in high places....

Letter to
Mayor of Ploiesti Mr. Iulian Badescu
Chief Commissioner Romanian Police Mr. Dumitru Parvu
President AMR Mr. Tudor Pendiuc
and 9 others
President Romania Tourism Mr. Razvan Filipescu
Redactie Observatorul de Prahova Redactor
President Romanian Authority for Tourism Mr. Razvan FIlipescu
Director DVS Prahova COunty Mr. Mihai Terescoasa
Vice-President secretary of State ANSVSA Mr. Vladimir Manastireanu
President County Council Mr. Cosma Mircea
Prefect for Prahova County Mr. Sersea Marius Eugen
Secretary Town Hall Ploiesti Secretary
Redactor Ph Online Ana Maria Stanescu
STOP the mass poisoning of dogs in Ploiesti- Romania
Find the criminals who poisoned the dogs and apply the maximum punishment - Jail time - Gasiti criminalii care au otravit cainii si dati-le pedeapsa maxima - puscarie

To whom it may concern
Oficialilor romani

We are outraged by the horrible mass poisoning of dogs in Ploiesti - Prahova county Romania.
Suntem oripilati de otravirile in masa a cainilor in Ploiesti - judetul Prahova - Romania

All these sadistic acts towards innocent animals must be punished with the maximum penalty - JAIL TIME -
Aceste acte de sadism impotriva unor animale nevinovate trebuie sa fie pedepsite in modul cel mai sever.

We ask Romanian law enforcement authorities - national and local to make sure the criminal is caught and brought to justice.
Cerem autoritatilor romane, nationale si locale sa faca tot ce le sta in putinta sa prinda criminalii si sa-i defere justitiei

Romania has become notorious for the barbaric way animals are treated and for the despicable and sadistic actions against animals, way too many people are engaged in.
Romania a devenit notorie deja pentru modul barbaric in care sunt tratate animalele, pentru actiunile de sadism total impotriva lor si mult prea multe persoane comit aceste crime.

The criminals MUST BE FOUND< and regardless of who they are, they MUST be punished.
Criminalii TREBUIE gasiti, si indiferent de cine sunt acestia ( cei care au pus otrava si cei care au dat ordin ) trebuie pedepsiti

We are determined to avoid Romania as a tourist destination until the massacres of animals ( private citizens acts of cruelty and even dubious actions of local authorities and their stray dogs management services ) will stop.

Suntem determinati sa ocolim Romania ca destinatie turistica pana cand masacrele impotriva animalelor se vor opri ( acte de cruzime comise de cetateni privati sau actiuni dubioase puse la cale de autoritatile locale si angajatii lor ) .

Thank you for your attention

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