Re-think the design of the new CCP headquarters

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Are we willing to leave architectural blunders as a legacy for the future generations instead of the rich architectural heritage passed on to us?

Five questions:

First question: Why should an engineer be allowed to do the architectural design of such an important public building?

Second Question: Why do we have an architecture section in PWD, and consultant architects in GSIDC and GSUDA, if the government want to hire engineers or private architects? Government architects if hired, do it on a salary and don't present a bill for services. therefore there can be no kickbacks that are taken when private consultants are hired.

Third Question: Why can't all public buildings go through a competition system with a credible jury?

Fourth Question: In the capital city of Panaji, with such a strong and unique architectural character, should the seat of the local government have Greek Architectural impressions?

Finally when the state has its own government architecture college why are professional architects from the state institution and the institute not consulted in a state project?

Support this petition to preserve our cities urban fabric. There are so many ways in which a contemporary building can fit into a context as rich as panjim. The present design is one that will not.