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Stop the trapping of beaver in the City of Ottawa

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Tell Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson, that you want to see the trapping and killing of beaver in Ottawa stopped.

On Friday, June 29th, City of Ottawa workers destroyed the home of two famous beaver, Lily and Lucky, and their two newborn kits, Hope and Harmony. That the City did this on the day leading up to the holiday weekend when they knew few would be around to oppose it or get the media involved, shows that they knew it was wrong. There is something sadly ironic that Canada’s national emblem, the beaver, would be attacked on the Canada Day holiday when, in fact, it should be celebrated.

Video of Lily trying to rebuild the lodge

Video of Lily and one of her kits

The beaver were not taking down trees or blocking the culverts as was stated in the Notice that was sent to residents around the pond. These beaver cannot relocate themselves because of the drought - Poole Creek wetlands have dried up, as have the other waterways near by. If the beaver move on, they risk being trapped and killed by the City because beaver are not allowed in City waterways. Since their lodge was destroyed, the City has repeatedly dismantled any new attempts at rebuilding a home. Lucky, the male, has not been seen since the lodge was obliterated.

Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital, continues to trap and kill several hundred beavers every year because it is too backward to use more progressive solutions like tree wrapping protection and water flow devices to prevent flooding. These are humane solutions that are increasingly used in other North American cities so what is wrong with this City? It is not surprising that Ottawa is earning the reputation of being the most “Wildlife Unfriendly City in Canada."

The City has said it will soon release its long-overdue Wildlife Strategy, with a detailed evaluation of its beaver-management practices. We are very concerned that it will continue the regressive and inhumane practice of killing beavers because, it seems, that's what City staff prefer to do. We need to tell Mayor Watson, enough with the killing.

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