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Petitioning Future Mayor of Ottawa and City Councillors

Future Mayor of Ottawa and City Councillors: Create safe protected bicycle lane networks through the city of Ottawa.

The purpose of this petition is to show that there is significant support for a network of protected bike lanes connecting the main urban districts of Ottawa.

Letter to
Future Mayor of Ottawa and City Councillors
As a resident of Ottawa, I would like to add my signature to this petition to show my support for the creation of protected bicycle lane networks throughout the city. The stress that is often felt when sharing busy roads with motor vehicles mean that too many non-cyclists are fearful of taking up urban cycling. These safety concerns are preventing cycling from being the green, affordable transit option for the masses that it can and should be.

The location of these protected bicycle lanes is essential to their success. In order to be functional, they need to run through the main districts of the city so that cyclists can access restaurants, grocery stores, theatres, shops, work and schools safely. By building the protected bicycle lane network in such a practical way, the city will ensure that it is frequently used and encourage more people to start bicycling as well. It has been proven in other cities around the world that perceived safety is the number one issue that prevents potential cyclists from starting to ride. Once a protected bicycle network that safely brings people into major areas of Ottawa is built, we are certain to see a dramatic increase in the number of cyclists over the years. The benefits that cycling is defined by will become self evident as residents realize lower costs of transportation, health benefits, faster commute (no traffic) and a greater connection to their community, let alone cleaner air and quieter streets. The businesses will also learn, as has been seen in the United States and Europe, that their customer base will grow along these protected bicycle lanes. The hassle of finding parking essentially disappears and cyclists can easily enter the many restaurants, cafe’s and shops along these routes. The demand and need for protected bicycles lanes will also grow as the city continues with its in-fill developments. Areas of Ottawa are going to become so densely populated that car and truck congestion will overwhelm the traffic flow in these areas. In the end, both motor vehicles and cyclists want safe and efficient infrastructure. As getting people on bicycles will help the city in so many ways, protected bicycle lanes are a significant part of the solution.

With all of the above being mentioned, I want to show my strong support for moving forward on the creation of protected bicycle lanes in Ottawa. I want Ottawa as the capital of Canada, to be a national leader in this initiative. I am ready for Ottawa's transportation infrastructure to evolve towards a more sustainable model that includes bicycling as a major component.