A Street Named after my mother Sharon Walker renamed Sharon Walker Way

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Title: Sharon Walker was a pillar of her Queens Community in 1984 who was Brutally Murder by NYC Police officer.

This petition is to honor Sharon Walker’s memory with a street sign on the block where she was brutally murder on December 9, 1984. She was raised in Jamaica Queens in the neighborhood known as Bricktown. She was a loving single mother with three children and a pillar in her community. She lived to serve others even in her occupation path chosen to be a psychotherapist at Creedmoor. She was generous, kind, devoted, compassionated, committed to her career goals that were snatched away at the hands of a person who was sworn to protect and serve.

She supported the neighborhood by volunteering at PS116 Elementary School and subbed when there was a shortage of teachers. She attended and made sure that her children were members of Shiloh Baptist church right across the street from where she was killed. She supported her local stores by walking & shopping there daily. She was on a first name bases with the local store owners. She helped the neighborhood kids by modeling for girls how to braid hair and gave crochet lessons. She would jump rope with the kids on her block and play hopscotch too. She had various friends that would frequently visit her house to socialize.

The Queens community was extremely shocked and devastated by the death that occurred in their neighborhood and getting the news that it was Sharon Walker. There were so many amazing qualities, gifts & talents that her children, her family, and the community lost which were snatched away on that horrific night. We are asking that the community, neighbors, and friends rally behind us to rename the street on 106 Avenue to Sharon Walker Way. Sharon Walker who was a pillar to this amazing place called Bricktown. We are asking that the community leaders take into consideration along with the many signatures on this petition to rename this street with Sharon Walker’s name and bring some form of justice for a 1984 tragedy and murder. Sharon Walker’s three children who are still left behind living with this massive loss. We would like to see some form of justice done. We know that nothing can bring her back but this is one way to honor her memory.