Rebuilding homes for the victims of Ghatkopar building collapse.

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I am Foram Harshad Sheth,  a resident of Ghatkopar. On 25th july 2017, the residents of the "Sai Darshan"  building of Damodar Park, Ghatkopar, Mumbai,  had to encounter a sudden mishap that devastated their lives and their families. No one from my friends or family lived there,  i know not a single person from this building, and yet the agony that they are going through is something that's unimaginable and traumatising. 

While some residents  were carrying out their daily chores, some were eagerly waiting for the evening to spend time with their loved ones,  a 3 month old infant was in her mother's arms, a 13 month old baby was playing on his grandmother's lap while his parents were out for office, little did they all know that those were the last moments of their lives. The 4 storey building collapsed within 20 seconds leaving no time for the residents to escape the tragedy that waited for them.

Who and what was responsible for this ruinous accident ? The renovation process being carried out on the ground floor of the same building, to which the residents tried to object but were in vain,  led to this huge and sad tragedy in which people lost their families,  their homes,  their everything. They lost the smiles of their loved ones, they lost the time they used to spend together, the happiness they shared.  A beautiful world of happiness ,  that they once lived in, came to a devastating end before anyone could realise and do something about it, of something that they weren't responsible. It wasn't their fault! This disaster took 17 lives,  and the survivors are literally left with nothing.

Though nothing can ever make up for their loss, no money,  no compensation is enough,  the least that can be done for them is giving them their homes back. They need to get their shelters back. I would like to request the authority in concern to rebuild their homes at the same place. They atleast don't deserve to be homeless and without a shelter. They need their own home atleast  to mourn their loss peacefully.  I would request you all to support this petition. 

Please and thank you,  

Foram Sheth