Keep Mission Viejo Safe and Beautiful! Say No to thousands of 4/5G facilities!

Keep Mission Viejo Safe and Beautiful! Say No to thousands of 4/5G facilities!

February 21, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Zen Honeycutt

AT&T has proposed the construction and operation of 15 "small" cell ( 4/5G) wireless facilities with 2 additional pending approval on March 9, 2020. T Mobile and Verizon are also likely to want their own "small" cell facilities constructed. If these "small" cell facilities are approved with our outdated ordinance, Mission Viejo faces about 3000 "small" cells on 30 foot poles installed every 500 feet, 25 feet from our homes. We believe we have sufficient coverage for calls and do not want to risk the health hazards connected with close proximity of "small" cell facilities, nor do we want the property value losses, or increase of privacy and security risks. Therefore we submit this petition:

Dear Mission Viejo Mayor, City Council and City Officials of Mission Viejo,

We, the residents of Mission Viejo, live here and work/own businesses here because you and many before you have worked very hard to keep our city safe and beautiful. 

We understand that AT&T intends to install 17 more "small" cell towers across our city. Together with other carriers (Verizon and T Mobile) we could expect about 3000 4G wireless facilities that they intend to transition to 5G. These “small” cells and poles could be placed every few hundred feet on our sidewalks and right in front of our homes and schools!

We understand that these unsightly poles will likely lower property values of home 20-30% and could impact the appeal of doing business in Mission Viejo.

You know that these "small" cells will be based on 4G technology placed much closer to residents than necessary. Their signals are powerful, and can travel thousands of feet. This extreme and constant exposure to high levels of RF, even below the FCC exposure limits, will have many detrimental effects to the safety and well-being of our families, neighbors, pets, wildlife, pollinators, and business owners. 

Additionally, You understand that the International Firefighters Association has called for a moratorium on all wireless telecom facilities on their premises, where they sleep and work. This is due to health impacts that the firefighters experienced- headaches, confusion and cognitive impairment - when a wireless facility was installed on their premises. Why then would we ever approve any cell structure near a home or in our city? Particularly sensitive are the elderly, children, babies in utero and those with health conditions such as EMF sensitivity which is an ADA recognized disability. 

We deserve the same exemptions and safety precautions!

We also want to keep our city beautiful!

We urge you to exercise your authority to regulate the aesthetics of wireless telecommunications facilities that includes, according to the California Supreme Court Justice, “negative health consequences, noise and safety concerns.”, and to regulate the Operation of the facilities, including no operation within residential zoning.

In Mission Viejo our utilities are mostly under grounded.

This is not only an aesthetic issue for our city, but now, in the age of wildfires it is a paramount public safety issue. Since the local ordinance requires  a “planned Development permit”, we ask that the Planning Commission requires the applicant to show why their equipment should not be under grounded like all other utilities?

There have been two lawsuits filed against the FCC for failing to update their guidelines to include 4, 5 G and health, safety and environmental standards.

We urge you to seek a tolling agreement, defacto stay, or moratorium to halt further deployment until the lawsuits against the FCC are settled.

Please say NO to more 4/5G facilities in Mission Viejo. There are many other alternatives such as wired fiber networks which are safer, more secure, more energy efficient and do not present the same harms to our health and environment as wireless facilities. 

We understand that our city risks a lawsuit by AT&T or other telecom companies...but we think the risk of a lawsuit (and welcome discovery process which opens up their can of worms)  is far less costly to us than risking our communities' collective health, the value of our beautiful city, and the safety we cherish in Mission Viejo.

Keep Mission Viejo Safe and Beautiful! Say No to thousands of 4/5G facilities!

Thank you.

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Attend the March 9, 2020 Planning Commissioner hearing at 6:30 pm at the MV City Council 200 Civic Center Dr. 


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Signatures: 462Next Goal: 500
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