Justice for George Floyd

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On May 25th, 2020, 46 year old George Floyd was murdered under the hands and watch of four Minneapolis police officers. He was accused of signing a bad check at a grocery store and had the cops called on him. When cops arrived they proceeded to to treat him in an abrupt manner despite his compliance (there is full video proof). The officers handcuffed Floyd and put him down on his stomach while one of the officers proceeded to dig his knee in Floyd's neck. 

Floyd yelled for him to stop and loudly stated HE COULD NOT BREATHE. The officers ignored his words and the one officer's knee was still hardly pressed upon Floyd's neck for a long period of time. Floyd was eventually hospitalized and was pronounced dead hours after the altercation. 

Too many times we hear about how black lives are taken away in the hands of our own criminal justice system. Much like Eric Garner, Floyd was an innocent man who's life was cut short because of the institutionalized racism rooted in our criminal justice system. We need CHANGE. We need JUSTICE. Although we cannot get George Floyd's life back, we can work together to hold the officers involved in his murder accountable for their actions. 

As of right now, the four officers involved have been fired from their positions, but have not been arrested. Only two officers involved have been publicly identified as, Derek Chauvin (#1087) and Tou Thau (#7162). We need to work together to demand that all four officers be charged for the murder of George Floyd. We need to demand for Mike Freeman (DA) to file charges ASAP. 

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