More Off-leash & Dog-Friendly areas in Manly, Northern Beaches

More Off-leash & Dog-Friendly areas in Manly, Northern Beaches

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Alanna Grace started this petition to Mayor of Manly and

A Petition for more Off-leash & Dog-Friendly areas in Manly, Northern Beaches Council
Currently the Northern Beaches Council hosts 43,000 registered dogs and 274,041 residents. The Northern Beaches Council claims to be a ‘dog-friendly’ council, listing 28 ‘dog-friendly’ recreational parks as proof of this. As the August 2021 Daily Telegraph article supports, 'Australian pet ownership reaches record high during Covid'. The pandemic associated rise was certainly observed in the Northern Beaches. Thus, the 28 designated recreational and 14 Off-leash areas are no longer; sufficient in size or area, free from dangerous hazards and persons nor conveniently accessible for dogs and their owners to visit on a consistent, daily basis. On these grounds a petition is being raised to legally allow for dogs, on-lead and with supervision to enter and travel along the human designated foot paths in National Parks and current dog-unfriendly recreation areas within Manly, Northern Beaches Council. 

Definition of terms:
-        Dog/s: for the purposes of this document ‘dog’ means a registered canine residing with a resident of the Northern Beaches within the Northern Beaches Council

-        Dog owner/s:  a resident residing in the Northern Beaches Council who is the registered owner or who has specified temporary ownership or supervision to a caretaker of the subject dog. For the purpose of this document an ‘owner’ includes temporary ownership of a dog residing with its owner in the Northern Beaches council meaning the owner can specify without written consent a caretaker or dog walker to care for and supervise a dog within an agreed upon period of time  

-        Fit-for-purpose area: an area where dogs can safely spend leisurely or recreational time without being interrupted or subject to a potential dangerous; object, situation, person or other dog

-        Sufficient amount: an area of at least 1km squared or more

- Off-leash: for the purposes of this document Off-leash is synonymous with un-leashed

Facts regarding the petition:
1.     The Northern Beaches Council comprises an area of 254 square kilometres (98 sq mi):

2.     The Northern Beaches Council area Estimated Resident Population is 274,041, August 2021:

3.     The Northern Beaches registered dog population is 43,000, August 2021:,spaces%20to%20walk%20and%20play

4.     There are 14 Off-leash dog areas in the Northern Beaches Council, 0 on Manly Peninsula:

5.     Dogs can walk along any path, on a lead, supervised by their owner/s; without causing harm to people and native flora and fauna

6.     There is not a sufficient amount of non-crowded, safe and fit-for-purpose area to take your dog for leisure, recreation or exercise Off-leash within Manly, Northern Beaches Council area

7.     The designated Off-leash dog areas in close proximity to Manly are in poor condition, often subject to overcrowding, with hazardous materials causing a risk to the dog owners and dogs themselves, notably;

a.     Graham’s reserve has multiple holes in the fence and is littered with potholes along the dog track and;

b.     Flora and Roberts reserve has sharp and dangerous objects submerged and littered all throughout the specified dog area and;

c.      Lagoon reserve Queenscliff’s water is polluted and poses a hazard to dogs if they drink the water

Reasons for the petition:
1.     Prevent danger to dogs: injuries such as cuts and lesions caused by; hidden glass, broken fencing, overcrowding, area overuse, lack of continuous maintenance, limited size of area and unfit for purpose designated dog areas are dangerous to dog welfare

2.     Prevent danger and harassment to dog owners: abuse and harassment of dog owners supervising their dogs is commonplace from members of the general public, unauthorised to enforce the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act). This is a personal health and safety concern given the risks associated with unknown persons approaching you and your dog

3.     To increase the current, insufficient amount of area: in Manly specifically and the Northern Beaches area more broadly to take dogs both On-leash or Off-leash

4.     An increasing population of dogs and dog owners: as Australia and Manly, in the Northern Beaches Council experienced a spike in dog adoptions and ownership during the pandemic a re-analysis of area and area suitability is called for, if not overdue. Currently, given the rising dog and dog owner population there is not enough safe and fit-for-purpose area, for dog owners to take their dogs to be sufficiently exercised without the dog being subject t o medium-significant potential for harm or injury 

5.     Limited impact and damage to native flora and fauna: currently there is not a sufficient amount of evidence supporting the harm that domesticated, on-leash, supervised dogs cause to native flora and fauna. The evidence you can find in support of dogs causing harm to people, native flora and fauna is associated with dogs who are unchecked or unsupervised


Specific Northern Beaches Council action required off the back of the petition:
-        Accept that the current area size and condition of the 28 recreational areas and 14 Off-leash areas in the Northern Beaches Council are not sufficient, safe or conveniently  accessible on a daily basis for dogs and dog owners in Manly, the Northern Beaches Council 

-        Improve the condition and maintenance schedules for the currently designated 28 recreational areas and 14 Off-leash areas that are 'dog-friendly' in the Northern Beaches Council, specifically Manly 

-        Evidence and publish results of the harm dogs have caused to native flora and fauna when onlead and supervised within Manly, the Northern Beaches Council area

-        Extend the On-leash dog areas to include footpaths within National Parks in the Northern Beaches Council area, with the condition that all dogs must be supervised, on a lead and on the foot path























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