Please Help Save Chloe

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Hi,my name is Jessica.I would like a moment of your time to talk about how unfair of a reputation pit bull terriers have.Last thursday our family dog Chloe allegedly bit a young boy aprox age 5 or 6 yrs the person who was attending to him had his back to the boy and was not watching his child.My boyfriend and thirteen year old son were outside along with my dog chloe.My boyfriend had been called to the road to look at a go cart  and so the adults were talking and looking at the go cart ,and the boy was running around chasing my dog waving his arms and hands like he was going to hit her. My son saw what was going on and told the boy to please stop messing with the dog like that before she bites you.Still the child persisted with his actions and all of a sudden he let out a cry and his lip was cut and his mouth was bleeding.His parents then concearned,rushed thier child to the hospital.the wound took one single stich to close.My boyfriend brought my dog in and closed her in the room.Then returned back outside to see if the child was ok.None of them have any idea what exactly took place.We stood outside for a while talking to the childs grandfather who is our nieghbor,he said he knew our dog was a good,obiediant dog and that we shouldnt worry.However several hours later police came to our house to inquire as to how the child got the injury.We told them we werent sure no one saw.They asked what type breed our dog was and if she had her shots.They just took a report and then left.The following day a police officer and the dog catcher came to our house to get her. She has been a part of our family for two years. She has never hurt anyone before and there is plenty of children of all ages around her all the time.She has been a woderfull dog ,full of personality and love. She loves to ride our four wheeler, to ride in the car with her head kinda hanging out the window letting the air hit her face,she loves to chase the spray from the water hose outside and gets so excited to try and catch it.She is very loved and very spoiled.Had she attacked this boy i think she would have done considerably more damage than a stich.The parents of the boy are pushing for her to be put down so we are starting this petition in order to request that we be able to relocate her instead of murdering her for something she may not even have done. One stich should not cost a life.Please sign this petition and help us get her relocated.Not all pitt bulls are vicious monsters.She is an amazing animal and is being unfairly persecuted because she is a pitt.I know all our family and friends who have had the chance of knowing her will sign thank-you for your time.