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Stop blatant destruction of green and beautiful landscapes.

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Stop the Malaysian Johor Bahru City Council's destruction of green landscape that has taken years to grow.

It started with a nice green landscape,

then came the destroyers,

leaving no more trees.

They may think it is for the safety of road users but does that mean cutting down the whole tree? To maintain safety of road users or the longevity of a tree, it's pruning that needs done and to do that, acquiring knowledge of pruning is of utmost importance. So why wasn't pruning done then? Convenience and laziness?

The practice all along was to plant a woody tree or bush, let it grow as how it should, and when the branches start to grow too widespread across, have it cut down completely. Never mind how many years it took for it to grow or how useful or beautiful it has become to people or the environment. As long as instructions were carried out, that's all that matters.

This practice is totally mindless of how the environment should be treated. As it is, there's total disregard of open burning within housing estates. When the haze reaches unhealthy levels, they blame Indonesia, whilst locally no enforcement was taken to ensure that, open burning has to stop. Apparently, the act of not reducing the carbon footprint has no basis here. The emphasis of enforcement is more of the mindless kind. But that'd be a different petition.  

Here, it's the cutting down of trees that needs stopping. Beautifying a place is not all that trees does but giving fresh air and absorbing carbon dioxide like a natural sustainable giant filter are some of the good we know it does, of which the council has totally ignored. 

Stop cutting tress, think about learning or teaching pruning, then applying it continually, is what we need. Without having to go into technicalities, suffice to say that good, fresh, clean air is very important to everyone of us and every other living thing.

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