Keep Johns Creek Safe and Beautiful and Deny the Zoning Variance for New Storage Facility

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We, the citizens of the city of Johns Creek, petition the city to deny the variance allowing for the construction of a commercial storage facility at Jones Bridge and Taylor Roads. The seven criteria for variance change are not met, so the variance must be denied because it contravenes local law.
1. This area was purposefully zoned to disallow a business of this nature. This business does not benefit the neighborhood and homes, on the contrary, it devalues them. It raises considerable tax revenue for the City of Johns Creek while burdening our neighborhood.

2. This facility would require about two years to build. Then, as a matter of daily business, moving vans and trucks serving 700 storage units, would traffic an already vulnerable area. Adding trucks carrying freight in heavy traffic is a recipe for more accidents. In addition, the people using the units are also non-residents, bringing people into the area regularly who do not live in our neighborhood or have an investment in its well-being.

3. The variance and business proposed would cause an adjacent property owner to lose the full use of their very backyards, and the full market value of their homes. Many would be no more than an 8-foot fence apart from a four-story building and an evolving sets of non-resident tenants who have almost unlimited access. Neither the fencing proposed, nor the facility allows for the quiet enjoyment, privacy or the safety of the residents.

4. Residents include those attending four schools: TRMS, CHS, Discovery Point and Primrose School. A change like this creates policing and challenging safety concerns that the council need not add.

5. Additionally, the proposal allows for a storage facility where none is needed. 

We demand that the City of Johns Creek City Council deny the variance for the good of the entire neighborhood.