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Save Lilla from a life behind bars

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My dog Lilla isn’t just my best friend, she’s probably saved my life. I’m chronically ill, and I rely Lilla to help me every day. Lilla is trained to assist me when I collapse, and ensures my very safety by rolling me over, waking me up and helping me back to bed.

But in late 2011, despite having no evidence, my local council decided that Lilla was a restricted breed (a pit-bull cross) and therefore “dangerous”. They’re demanding that I keep her locked in a cage or muzzled for the rest of her life -- even though it would take away my best friend and possibly put my life in danger.

A vet and a leading dog judge have both testified that she doesn’t meet the requirements for a pit-bull cross any more than any other dog -- she’s actually an American Staffy.

Lilla is the victim of new legislation that was rushed through by the Victorian government in 2011. It’s poorly written, vague, and is completely open to conjecture. Dozens of dogs have already been destroyed for no other reason than that they happen to look slightly like pit-bulls. And this is doing nothing to reduce the number of dog attacks in Victoria.

Breed Specific Legislation is inherently flawed for multiple reasons, one of which is that it gives the public a false sense of security. Some people think that only certain breeds attack, this isn't true. Any dog can attack, regardless of size, strength, colour or breed.

Why is Lilla being targeted? Why are they spending so much of the rate payers money persecuting an innocent animal because they believe she looks somewhat like a pit bull? Why did the Victorian government bring in such subjective and poorly written laws? These are the questions I want answered.

I’m asking the local council to change its decision and spare Lilla from a lifetime behind bars.

I want a fair system that focuses on responsible ownership of all dogs, and to repeal this legislation. And I want to save Lilla, my best friend and carer, from being locked up for the rest of her life. Please sign my petition and leave a message of support. Please share this with all of your friends and family and ask them to do the same.

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