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For the last 3 nights a reign of terror has been brought down on a dog shelter housing over 120 rescued dogs. Rocks and bricks have been thrown, fences pulled down, dogs stolen to be used as bait dogs in dog fights and voulanteers brutally attacked. All this has happend in Romania's largest city Bucharest and yet nothing has been done by the police. Every night calls to the police bring nothing...Innicent animals and people are being savagely attacked yet the mayor and his police force sit back and do nothing. This cannot be allowed, this is not right, just nor fair. Please sign this petition and also directly contact the mayor and his police department demanding action is taken.



1) Contact the mayor and police directly by private email and fax . Use your own words (preferable) or use the standard example also found below.

2) Sign this petition adding your own comments. Remember your comments get sent to the recipitent

3) Share this petition far and wide and encourage others to do the same.



POLICE - Tel: +40246207109 Fax: +40246219754 (If calling from outside of Romania)


Telefon centrală: +40246 213 587, +40246 213 588
Fax. +40246 215 405
E-mail: primar@primaria-giurgiu


Mayor - +40724286199
Administrator - +40733088994
Vice Mayor- +40733088995
Secretary - +40733088997
Fax - +40246285101

Letter to
Mayor of Giurgiu Lucian Iliescu
Head of Security/Police Head of Police
To the mayor of. Giurgiu and his police department.

We the undersigned: demand immediate action and protection of the dog shelter situated in Sat Baneasa, str. Magnolia, nr. 20, judet Giurgiuand the volunteers who have for 3 nights running been attacked by gypsies. Various criminal offences are being committed and yet the mayor and the police do not seem to be interested nor care for human nor animal welfare within this shelter. We demand immediate action and protection. The international community is watching and listening, and does expect the mayor of Giurgiu and his police department to act in a civilised and proper manner as would any other civilised leader in a civilised country.