Make Confederate Flags Illegal in Edmonton

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Let's make it fineable to sell or display a Confederate Flag in Edmonton, Alberta.

In support of the Black Lives Matter movement in Edmonton. During the Be The Change Digital Rally in Edmonton, hosted by Jesse Lipscombe, in the comments it was mentioned that there are Confederate Flags in windows and on vehicles in Edmonton, Alberta. This symbol is threatening and offensive to many of us, including Black people whose lives, families and heritage have been affected by the racism, slavery and oppression that this flag represents. From an African-Canadian friend: "The main impact that flag has on us is the constant reminder that we are not seen as being on the same level with White people. That despite 400 yrs of slavery, we are still seen as slaves and not worthy to be humanized."

A National Post article states that: "across Canada, the Confederate flag is closely intertwined with pickup truck culture. 'Rebel flag' stickers are common fare at auto parts stores and on eBay, it is still possible to buy a U.S.-made rear window decal that merges the maple leaf with the Rebel flag." Source:

Let's make this sickening and ignorant practice against the law in this city. 

I do not know the process to create by-laws to make this an offence, but I do know that it is one, and I am willing to make the suggestion public, in the hopes that those who understand this process more will come on board and make this vision a reality.