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Free the Kidnapped Baby Goats!

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Mayor Duggan,

I live in Detroit. My husband and I recently bought a house that had been vacant for nearly 10 years. We are rehabbing with our own hands and with very little resources. We have been doing pretty well so far, if you ask me. We are young professionals... you know, those people your city is trying to attract. I have a Juris Doctorate, and my husband teaches.


We are trying to help rebuild this city and make it something beautiful… something to be proud of. We have community events for the entire neighborhood. We host open dinners on Friday nights for anyone who would like to come. We are heavily involved in our neighborhood association and participate in neighborhood clean ups. We are actually hosting a gathering here on Monday evening. It was meant to be a fundraising event, for us, and another local farm… that grows food. Some bands will be playing and some circus performances will happen. You should stop by!


See what is happening in your city… some of it is really wonderful and might even surprise you.


Well, I am getting ahead of myself here. I am here to ask for my friends back. Wednesday morning, one Officer Crosby came to my home and forcibly kidnapped my friends. We had three baby pygmy goats, four almost adult beautiful, Japanese Chickens, and two baby silkie chickens. I have never been more devastated or heartbroken in my life.


Animal control will not tell me where they took my babies. They are refusing to tell anyone where they have taken them. The goats needed their worming medication yesterday, but no one would let me know how to get it to them. I have been approached by several farms willing to house my goats until this law is changed, but Animal Control will not respond to them either.


Mister Duggan, I have three goals here.


First and foremost, I want to know where my friends have been taken. I would like to take them somewhere safe. Somewhere I can visit them and make sure they get what they need.


Secondly, I would like to start a dialogue about urban farming in Detroit. We are no longer silent ghosts that no one sees.


Lastly, I would like to see this archaic relic of the industrial era statute overturned. Urban farming is a huge tool for Detroit to grow right now. Much of the city is empty brownfields, which can turn into dangerous places when they aren’t loved and used. Ask your homicide department.  They found a dead human being less than a block from my house the day after my goats were taken. Consider where the cities limited resources are being placed.  Consider what your police officers are wasting their time on while there are real problems in the city. Please, Mister Duggan… help me find my kids. Help me make Detroit an awesome place to live.


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