HELP STOP Police Brutality & Corruption in Carteret NJ!

HELP STOP Police Brutality & Corruption in Carteret NJ!

20,946 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
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Mayor of Carteret NJ Daniel Reiman

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Started by Jorge Hernandez

SIGN AND SHARE PLEASE! Carteret Police Department has had a history Police Brutality at the hands of one officer, which has been a High Risk to the Tax Payers of Carteret, NJ!

There are Numerous Cases that have Cost Carteret Tax Payers money because of Officer Joseph Reiman and his actions in the arrest of multiple persons. He has a record of Physically Abusing people before arrests without Reason. There are Documented Photos, Videos and Government Data to Prove that Officer Reiman went beyond his rights as an Officer and has been a Major Liability for the Police Department of Carteret, NJ. 

The Most Recent abuse victim was a 16 year old boy that was beaten until he had to be taken to the hospital. There are numerous pictures and videos of the incident. It was an unnecessary use of force against an underage child who simply needed to be arrested. 

With the assistance of his brother, MAYOR Daniel Reiman, he was brought back into the Police Department and given a promotion and pay raise, even after having multiple Aggravated Assault complaints filed against him. His complaints make up nearly all the Police Department complaints and yet, due to corruption, he continues to receive Tax Payer funded Paychecks and a Pension. 

This Must End, We cannot Afford the Next Situation to lead to a Death of a person at the hands of a Carteret Police Officer like Joseph Reiman. Which can lead to Damaging  Violent Uprisings that Will be a MAJOR LIABILITY for the Tax Payers of Carteret.

PLEASE HELP END THE BRUTALITY AND CORRUPTION! JOSEPH REIMAN MUST BE FIRED FROM THE POLICE DEPARTMENT IMMEDIATELY! CARTERET TAX PAYERS CANNOT AFFORD THIS HUGE RISK! Sign this Petition, Contact Carteret Police Department, Call the Mayor of Carteret's Office (732-541-3801) and Tell them that You Want Police Brutality and Corruption to END in Carteret NOW! 

20,946 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!