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Bristow OK animal shelter to use vet only for all euthanasia, open shelter to public

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Bristow Mayor and City Leaders:

We respectfully ask and strongly encourage you to ensure that the Bristow city animal shelter is operated with the utmost humane care for shelter animals. Specifically, we ask for the following minimum standards of humane care at the Bristow animal shelter.

1. That the city of Bristow immediately stop using gunshot as a form of euthanasia of shelter animals. National animal control and welfare organizations condemn gunshot as a form of euthanasia. State law seems to imply that gunshot only be used in rare cases to prevent suffering – such as a gravely injured animal - never as a routine form of euthanasia, regardless of city's size. Gunshot puts the city at significant financial risk and liability. Using gunshot technically may be legal but the practice certainly is not in the best interests of the residents, businesses, and pets of Bristow; is socially irresponsible and morally controversial; and earns the community a negative and embarrassingly poor image to the rest of the state and the nation.

2. That the city of Bristow immediately contract with an Oklahoma state licensed veterinarian to conduct all euthanasia of shelter pets - and then necessary only for space (not length that the animal has been at the shelter) and only after the animal has been held for at least 72 hours prior to humane euthanasia per state law.

3. That the city of Bristow voluntarily comply with state law regarding the humane treatment (including euthanasia) of shelter animals for communities with populations over 10,000 - and not use its smaller population as an excuse to be exempt.

4. Because the shelter is operated by the city, funded by taxpayers, and is therefore a public entity, please open, staff, and make the shelter accessible to the public every weekday at least 9 am to 5 pm and every Saturday for at least four hours.

5. Please ensure all shelter animals are fed daily at the shelter, are scanned for microchips immediately upon arrival, that make public attempts are made to locate owners, that a veterinarian vaccinate all animals upon arrival to the shelter, and that all kennels have elevated beds for shelter animals. These are commonly considered to be the minimum standard operating practices for humane shelters in Oklahoma.

6. If the city animal shelter cannot meet these minimum requirements for the humane treatment of shelter animals, then please close the shelter and cease its operations.

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