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Stop Use of Powder Poison Sprayed in City Alleys to Kill Rats!

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The Baltimore City's Mayor releases a press release shown on WJZ TV News stating it is starting an aggressive project to spray a powdered poison in all of the cities alleys every 20 days until the rat population is eradicated!  This poison as stated by the Mayors press release will stick to the fur of the rats.  Once they lick their fur it will kill the rats within 6 to 12 hours.  It can last up to 2 to 4 years according to mfg statement of use. The mfg also states that it could take as much as 1 to 2 days to kill the rats.

This poison has been deemed and listed on the manufacturers label "Not to be used in areas with small children or pets!" 

Knowing that the rats hide in pipes, in debris, under decks and sheds, sewers and more, it would be physically IMPOSSIBLE to close in areas of the sprayed rats so they do not move about in the alleys and yards.  Thus any animal who comes in contact with the powder could suffer.

The feral cat population is at very high risk.  They hide in alot of places that the rats would use.  Dogs in the concrete back yards of the alleys are in risk of the rats dieing in the yards.  People are at risk of tracking in remnants of the powder on their shoes thus putting children and pets at risk.  Birds who may eat rats and mice could be effected. 

Pets who go missing in the city typically will run the alleys.  Dogs Finding Dogs K9 Search and Rescue for Missing Pets uses their K9 tracking teams to search for the missing pets.  This non-profit organization's service to the public will have to stop 100% because of the risk to the search dogs.  The search dogs have to walk in the allies to follow the footsteps of the pets and to find them hiding.  In the case of a missing cat, the search dogs have to sniff under decks, sheds, sewer openings and more. 

The Mayors press release states that Ditrac, produced by Bell Labs, is the type of poison to be used.   It states they will spray for a minimum of 1 year with the option to go as long as she wants it to.  It simply says it will be done.  Quite irresponsible.  Residents have a right to know what will be sprayed in their living areas. 

We want another solution!  The risk is too high to domestic animals.  Many animals would have to become sick or die before any attention would be given to the possibility of the poison being a factor....and then the battle of proving it will be horrible.

Please sign this petition so we can try to make a difference in the animals lives and also to any children in the area.  There are many other solutions that could be looked at.  This seems like a quick and dirty solution to a problem that needs to be addressed on how people take care of their trash, how the city enforces trash to be maintained and more.........

Perhaps we should model NYC's Rat Program... 

Look at this possible solution... NYC Rat Control Program - Sterilization... Is a start...…/surprisingly-gentle-science-…/5148/

Involves sterilization....they did away with poisoning....  Our Mayor should put into effect proactive trash removal, stiff fines for not properly maintaining your trash, inspectors, and perhaps a incentive program for people to call in trash violators....hmmm


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