Say NO to increasing Aurora Police Department's 2021 budget

Say NO to increasing Aurora Police Department's 2021 budget

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The past few years the City of Aurora has seen an increase in funding for the Aurora Police Department (APD) and a simultaneous cut in funding of the Youth and Senior Services Subdivision (YSS). APD’s 2020 budget was 16% of the overall budget, now they have increased its allocation to nearly 20% of the 2021 budget.

Sign this petition to support a reduction of the proposed 2021 APD budget and instead invest and support our Youth and Seniors Service department. We want to send a message to the Mayor of Aurora and City Council members that we do not support their proposed 2021 city budget. 

The City should address the determinants of crime instead of building up the police department. Taking just a few pennies from the bloated APD budget could change the life of numerous kids and seniors in Aurora. Please join us to request that the City of Aurora prioritize our youth and senior population in the proposed 2021 city budget by reallocating resources from APD to YSS.

Please read below to find our reasons as to why the City of Aurora should reallocate funds from APD to the Youth and Senior Service department. This list is not exhaustive, it is to simply bring awareness of only SOME possibilities that can result from this budget request. We encourage everyone to learn about the City’s 2021 budget proposal and work with us to reimagine how we can improve public safety without investing in policing and incarceration. Click here to view the City of Aurora's Proposed 2021 Budget



1. The City of Aurora has reduced their OVERALL budget by $71,377,340 from last years (2020) budget yet propose to increase APD’s budget (APD budget in 2020: 77,342,501v. 2021: 78,387,832)

2. APD’s budget increased from 16.2% of the overall city budget to nearly 20% 

3. Youth and Senior Services remains at 0.1% of the overall city budget

4. APD’s budget has increased steadily in the last decade. APD saw a budget increase of 10.5 million dollars just in the last 5 years (2016: 67,932,515 v. 2021: 78,387,832)

5. Aurora’s crime rate has significantly dropped in the last 14 years from a rate of 3,492 per 100,000 residents to 1,093 per 100,000 residents. 

6. The City of Aurora failed to renew a $20,000 grant for YSS in the 2020 budget 

7. YSS only employs 1 full time manager compared to the 347 full time employees at APD

8. This reallocation creates funding for portable sporting equipment (ex. soccer field)

9. This reallocation creates funds for capital projects (ex. youth center located in far eastside of Aurora)

10. This reallocation creates funding to subsidize the cost or create programs itself for mentorship, after school programs, STEAM, internships, or job-readiness training

11. This reallocation creates funding to offer low-cost or free mental health programs and services to Aurora’s youth and seniors

12. This reallocation creates funding to expand the Youth Crop Program for youth offenders to provide support and resources to reintegrate into society

13. This reallocation can expand summer camps to previous length (were 5-6 weeks v. now are 4 weeks)

14. This reallocation supports new programming in multiple languages for all Aurora citizens

15. This reallocation can fund a community center in affected neighborhoods by way of use of vacant properties that could be occupied by community organizations in conjunction with the YSS department. 

16.Police forces target specific communities. Black people are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white people.

17. Indigenous people and Latinx men are also more likely to be killed by police than white people. 

18. Black and brown people are also subject to more stops and arrests.

19. The LGBTQ+ community and those experiencing homelessness are also more likely to be victimized by police forces.

20. Increased policing and incarceration doesn’t meaningfully reduce crime. Studies have shown that better healthcare, housing, jobs, and youth programs decrease crime at a much higher rate than policing. Our city should be prioritizing the programs that improve our quality of life and decrease crime.

21. Police officers are called to do too much and are given the authority to use force in many situations where it’s not necessary. Those calls should be diverted to specialized teams that address those experiencing mental health issues, substance abuse issues, housing instability, and noise complaints, just to name a few. 

22. Recently, the City of Aurora approved the purchase of Riot Gear in disguise as Personal Protective Gear that was nearly 20% of the Youth and Senior Services 2020 budget.  We think this is wrong because it shows a disconnect and misrepresentation of what the community of Aurora wants as far as police reform and divestment of the APD.



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