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Do not ban dogs and instead help make Ainkawa more dog-friendly.

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The mayor of Ainkawa has made a proposal to ban dogs. We are calling on him to not commit to this ban, and on the contrary, to give better support to make Ainkawa a dog-friendly environment where dog-owners, non-dog owners and dogs may all live in harmony.

Ainkawa was starting to seem like a dog-friendly area. There are often complaints about dogs from non-dog owners, but these complaints can be mitigated without banning pets. I propose the following:

1) Create ONE designated dog park - A designated dog park would give pet owners a placeto take them where they could socialize, run, and play, dogs have plenty of opportunity to be outside using up their energy.

2) Put in place laws concerning dogs that would make the city dog-friendly while still be respectful of those who are non-dog owners. - Our world must be shared with all beings whether we like them or not. Dog-owners choose to share theirs more closely than others. Requiring dogs to be on leash when outside the home is one way to ensure that dog-owners are responsible for their pets. Also, creating a pick-up law where dog-owners must clean up after pet waste is another way to keep non-dog owners happy and keep Ainkawa clean.

3) Require dog owners to vaccinate, de-worm and chip their pets. Many people are afraid of dogs because they think they're dirty or could harm them. Animals who are properly cared for are not likely to harm anyone as they wouldn't carry disease. Chipping pets makes them easy to find and/or return to the owner if they were get out of their home by accident. 

4) Help dog owners learn more about the pet DOs and DONTs. Having a pet is a lot of work and not everyone is cut out for it. A pamphlet on how to care for a pet would help pet owners be responsible which is good for the owners, the dogs and non-pet owners.

There are more and more dog owners in Ainkawa/Erbil everyday. The veterinarians in the area are extremely busy with the influx of pet owners. Many of the people are foreigners who brought their dogs with them from abroad. Some of these owners are people who generously took in a stray puppy to save its life. When someone takes a dog into their home, they have agreed to love it and care for it for the rest of its life. It becomes one of their best friends. You do not simply get rid of your dog. It would be a heartbreaking experience.

Moreover, if people were required to no longer keep their pets, where would these pets go? Some may simply let them loose in the city in order to comply with the law. Rather than creating a pack of stray dogs, wouldn't it be better to enable pet owners to take care of their pets?

Finally,it would behoove the government to start an animal shelter where stray animals could be taken for treatment and homes could be found for them. Getting stray animals off the streets would go a long way to helping the perception of animals as well as making our city a better place. 

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