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Mayor Nenshi: Opt for a central water container instead of disposable plastic bottles.

Supplying outdoor employees with easily accessible drinking water is a thoughtful and progressive idea, creating an unnecessary abundance of waste in the form of used plastic water bottles is not. Calgary has some of the best tap water in the world and if we’re paying a lot of money to make it, we should use it.

A lot of companies have a big water dispenser and encourage people to have reusable water containers of their own. The City of Calgary should not create a large amount of needless waste and opt for this simpler solution which is more cost effective and environmentally friendlier than the use of individual water bottles.

Demand better from the City of Calgary. Cancel the Request for Proposal #12-1548 - "Supply and Delivery of Bottled Water for the City of Calgary" Details of this RFP can be found at:

 Read more about this at:

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  • Mayor for the City of Calgary
    Naheed Nenshi
  • Buyer - Finance and Supply Management
    Gina Gao
  • Alderman for the City of Calgary
    Gian-Carlo Carra

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