Please don't erase our history in St Augustine

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     We the people of St Augustine, signing this petition, are in disagreement with Rev. Ron Rawls statement  " redefine this city and make an expeditious, but correct decision to no longer revere the shameful cause of these symbols by removing them from public spaces".  

     We the residents of St Augustine are concerned that removing such memorials will start a trend that will follow with the removal of other historical markers located in our city. Where does it end? Who else will be offended by memorials, historical markers, religious statues, or statues of previous founders of our city. At our city gates north of town, stands a statue of Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles.  Menendez and his men slaughtered over a hundred Frenchmen in the name of religion. Will his statue be removed because it offends some?

     Memorials are defined as follows: "something, especially a structure, established to remind people of a person or event:  "a monument built as a memorial to those who fell in the Civil War".    Memorials are not shameful symbols of our past.

     Many of the residents in St Augustine have deep roots to families of the original settlers.  Our city is very rich in history.  People travel from all over the World to visit our city because of our rich history.  Removing a "memorial" with the names of fallen soldiers would show a direct disregard for the families of those loved ones whose lives were lost when they were called upon to serve.  

           This memorial was placed in our Plaza in May of 1872, and was to honor the men who lost their lives while serving in the Civil War.  As quoted in The History of The Confederate Monument, St Augustine FL: Pg 8 What is remarkable about the monument is that it memorializes no General of the Confederacy or any battle of the war, nor does it acknowledge any great military maneuver. What it does is to memorialize those men from Saint Augustine who died fighting for their beliefs. 

     History teaches us how to learn from the mistakes of others.  Please revise or amend variances within our city to prevent further removal of historical memorials, markers, monument or religious statues that are currently in place.   

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