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Repave Bourbon Street with Brick - NOT Concrete !!!

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Bourbon Street is the most iconic street in New Orleans' historic French Quarter and there is a plan to repave the street - starting this April - with CONCRETE!!! This is WRONG on so many levels!!

Bourbon Street should be repaved with BRICK, not concrete!!!

Brick was the historic material used to pave streets in the French Quarter and it should be used to replace the existing asphalt pavement. 

If concrete paving is used it will cheapen, destroy and degrade the unique aesthetic, historic beauty and architectural integrity of our beloved French Quarter. 

Additionally, concrete stores heat and radiates it day and night, creating the so called Heat Island Effect, where waves of heat radiate off the street like a hot cast iron skillet on the stove. It also causes rain storms to go around it. Imagine the French Quarter being any hotter - and drier- than it already is.

Concrete also creates a visual glare that is so bright that no one will be able to see the beautiful buildings or be able to enjoy being on the street. None of this adds to the experience of enjoying being there, and tourists and locals will not want to visit, come back or recommend that their friends visit. As tourism is New Orleans' biggest industry, we need to do everything we can to stop this and to do the right thing. 

By using brick to repave Bourbon Street, millions of visitors and residents will get to experience the authentic French Quarter, one of America's most unique and beautiful cities. 

Please join the call to Repave Bourbon Street with Brick, not Concrete. Thank you!


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