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The City of Charlottesville, VA is proposing to participate in a bow hunting season on deer. Residents with a 1/2 acre property or more can hire a hunter to inhumanely impale deer with arrows. Bow hunting of deer has been shown to be a brutally inhumane - prolonged death. Often the hunters track the wounded and dying deer by following the blood trail.

According to articles in The Daily News Progress - hunters will be able to track mortally wounded deer onto neighboring properties if they acquire permission from the property owner.

There are far more enlightened, effective and humane ways to avoid car collisions with deer or garden browsing by deer. It is the responsibility of humanity to drive at all times with utmost awareness of wildlife and their God given right to cross the road. And most of the complaining residents sit in houses that now occupy the deer's original habitat. Those residents should be instructed that part of their land once did belong to wildlife and it is their responsibility to peacefully co-exist with all wildlife.

These bow hunts do nothing to control deer populations but they do encourage a hostile, ignorant and violent view towards sentient beings who deserve respect and humane treatment. I call on the City of Charlottesville, VA to meet with humane groups and to create a progressive, humane program that will address these issues without the violence and suffering of a bow hunt.

I have lived and driven in counties in both Virginia and Maryland and have easily avoided hitting deer with my car by slowing down and keeping aware. I consider the deer to be  a  blessing when they visit my yard.

I am the author of a book of true stories about animals and nature . I have also worked and volunteered for both animal and environmental organizations.


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