Force Dallas Lawmakers to Address the Dumping of Innocent animals on Dowdy Ferry Rd.

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  It has been brought to my attention, that despite numerous pleas, letters, phone calls to the Mayor of Dallas, the media, and law enforcement, the Trash bags of adult dogs, puppies, and livestock continue to be dumped along Dowdy Ferry Rd., outside of the city of Dallas. Many of these are dogs tortured and killed by dogfighting rings, which is another big Dallas problem.  Dogfighters are involved with money, drugs, and weapons. So, the citizens of Dallas are living in a city that is no longer safe.

I am involved in animal advocacy, work online with Rescue groups and have seen the atrocities, as a result of sub human behavior to animals, and the pictures are hard to process.  But, the pictures and videos that continually show up and are the most disturbing, are those trash bags with dogs that have had their teeth pulled out, their heads bashed in, from a dogfighter. Or a poor little pup, 4 months old, starved to death and thrown over the bridge.

The man, who is truly my hero, and Dallas should be thanking, Jeremy Boss, who takes his crew, and goes through those trash bags, and videos, each one, and explains what he feels caused their death. He takes them off that dumping site, to give that animal some integrity. There have been So many animals dumped, that they have not been able to bury them all. But there has been a Dedicated, caring group that gave them a Memorial recently, Placing of the Crosses for over 226 animals, mainly adult dogs and pups, who all died a death, that no Helpless creature of God, should ever have to.

I think every Council man or woman, and the Mayor, should and Is responsible for allowing this to go on for over 2 years. This Looks Very Bad for the State of Texas, and this Country.  I would expect this from a third world country.  There are Many Animal Rights Advocates in this country fighting to put an end to this. We are not going away. You can view Jeremy's video's on his FB page. Warning: These video's contain Graphic material.

Nancy A Drago

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