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STOP the "GASSING" of Edgewater Geese

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Join LOHV‐NJ and other Edgewater residents in demanding that the Edgewater Town Council break the USDA contract and employ effective nonlethal, humane methods. Let’s encourage the Canada geese to move on, and at the same time recognize that they have a place in the landscape.

Fortunately, there are many nonlethal ways to achieve long‐term objectives. Here are a few:

  • Habitat modification is the most effective long‐term solution.
  • Institute and enforce public feeding bans. Feeding the wrong foods can cause permanent angel wing deformities and result in the geese becoming dependent on human‐derived food sources.
  • Mechanical scare devices, flags, and noise can be effective when combined with other methods. The effectiveness of these techniques can diminish over time.

Since 2013, Edgewater has contracted with USDA’s notorious Wildlife Services to employ nest and egg destruction and to capture, gas, and kill Canada geese. None of these actions has solved Edgewater’s Canada geese problem. The current contract should be broken; a comprehensive non‐lethal program entailing competent habitation modification and complementary solutions should be put into place immediately.

Let Mayor McPartland, Council President Bartolomeo and the other town council members know of your opposition to their plan to cruelly gas and kill Canada geese, and that non‐lethal techniques are the only acceptable solution.


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