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Renounce Your Support for Hydraulic Fracturing

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Mayor Bloomberg:

I have respected your leadership as my Mayor and as a businessman, and I usually respect your decisions.  I was deeply disappointed to see your recent statements in support of fracking.  If you pay any attention to the turnout at meeting on the subject in NYC and throughout New York state, you would know that the vast majority of New Yorkers who understand fracking are vehemently opposed to it. 

Although natural gas is being touted as clean energy, the carcinogens, the polluted natural resources and the industrial processes used to extract natural gas from the earth using hydraulic fracturing pose a serious threat to our drinking water, our air quality and our health - not to mention our food supply and the pastoral countryside that so many of us are privileged to enjoy.

Some of the "facts" that you presented in your recent Washington Post editorial are more "truthy" than truthful.  Those who are currently drilling for natural gas are planning to export it, which will not help keep prices low for Americans.  While it is true that there are short-term job gains while building pipelines and processing facilities to export this gas, the job losses from farming and tourism will more than offset this gain. The overall harm to our environment and health from extracting and burning natural gas using fracking is just as bad as that of coal - and it may prove to be even more catastrophic in time.

Even the industry's own reports show that current technology cannot contain the carcinogens that are injected into the ground over the lifetime of those chemicals, making it nearly certain that they will end up in our drinking water at some point - sickening millions. 

While I laud your contribution to the development of smart regulation of fracking, perhaps it would be better to invest in refining the processes used to extract natural gas so that it can be done safely - even with smart regulation, today's technology is not safe.  Even better, you could fund efforts to have dirty energy producers such as frackers pay the fully-loaded cost of their processes - including the purchase in the private markets of sufficient insurance to fully cover any and all accidents and leaks from their activities.  This would help make truly renewable energy sources more economically competitive with extractive energy sources. 

Please be a voice for reason and retract your support for fracking. 


Colette Kelley


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