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Cancel The Kelly Miller July Circus Performance

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Have your voice heard! Time and time again I hear from locals shocked at the fact the South Russell Village Council approved the circus to come to South Russell.

Together let’s get the Kelly Miller July Performance cancelled. In the comments section state why you feel it is important that The Kelly Miller July performance be canceled and I will present it to the South Russell Council meeting June 8th.

Mayor Matthew Brett and the South Russell Village Council did not take into account 500 plus signatures because some of the signatures were not from South Russell but here I have listed risks we are all exposed to as members of the community living in or near South Russell as well as circus goes.

The risk of exposure to Tuberculosis.  Mycobacterium tuberculosis or TB is infecting and killing captive elephants. In 2013 two Oregon Zoo elephants died of TB. TB is airborne and spreads through tiny droplets in the air. Tuberculosis can also spread with close contact. The Kelly Miller Circus offers children elephant rides which places them at risk if they ride an infected elephant. Circuses may also intentionally mislabel trunk wash specimens from infected animals, using a TB negative animal as the donor. If someone is infected that person would then be exposing the community.
The risk of exposing the community to the danger of one or many circus animal escaping and running wild.
The concern of traffic and road conditions that the circus is going to cause before their performance and after the circus leaves. Last year it was covered in large clumps of mud.
The topography of the park is unsuitable for adequate parking safety as there is concern a heavy rain before or during the circus would leave the village looking for suitable parking.
The Chagrin Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce, who is hosting the circus, is to submit a safety and evacuation plan – where would the document be posted for circus attendants to see?
This petition is intended to serve as a platform for your voice and vote to cancel the circus. As well as giving Mayor Matthew Brett and the South Russell Village Council the opportunity to hear your opinion.

Together we can do this!




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