We demand the permanent removal of the Columbus statue at Boston's Waterfront Park!

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PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU SUPPORT INDIGENOUS PEOPLE AND CARE ABOUT RACIAL JUSTICE! The Christopher Columbus statue in Boston's 'Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park' has stood for decades as a representation of white supremacy and the celebration of Indigenous genocide caused by Columbus and his men. Like similar statues around the country and Confederate monuments, this Columbus statue has been a focus of protest repeatedly, including having its head knocked off on 6/10/2020. The City of Boston has temporarily removed the headless statue, but will not commit to removing it permanently.

Some people who refuse to acknowledge the atrocities committed by Columbus and the pain the statue causes Indigenous people are demanding that the statue be repaired and brought back. The park should be a place where everyone feels welcome, not a place where Indigenous people are made to feel uncomfortable, erased and demeaned. Now more than ever, Boston needs to stop honoring Columbus, a man who invaded Indigenous lands, initiated the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, trafficked Indigenous women and girls as young as 9, and orchestrated the mass murder of Indigenous peoples everywhere he and his men went.

Finally, we demand that the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park be renamed!