Mayor Marty Walsh Drop All Charges Against #FightSupremacy Protestors

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At least 33 people were arrested on Saturday, August 19th in Boston, as riot police descended upon protestors and escalated the demonstration into outright chaos. Many of the protesters were injured by police during the confrontation. All those arrested were charged with crimes ranging from disorderly conduct to assault, for holding their ground against fascism and white supremacy in the southeast quadrant of Boston Common and surrounding areas.

By Sunday morning, organizers from Black Lives Matter, with assistance from the Massachusetts Bail Fund, had successfully bailed out nearly all of those arrested.

The arrestees face upcoming court appearances to determine their fate.

We, the undersigned, call on Mayor Marty Walsh, District Attorney Dan Conley, and Police Commissioner William Evans to drop ALL charges stemming from the unlawful arrest and detainment of these protestors.

We also call for the immediate disarming of the Boston Police department and corresponding tactical units, as they have proven time and time again to be unfit in their implementation of use-of-force against Boston residents, particularly Black and Brown people. 

#FightSupremacy #BostonResist #BlackLivesMatter