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On Wednesday, June 10th, the Boston City Council will be delivering their vote upon the city's Budget to Mayor Marty Walsh. There are a long history of racism and recent events of police violence across the country  It is our duty to prevent senseless violence in our community. Today, we are demanding that the city of Boston takes full accountability and initiatives that will protect our lives. As, community members and residents of the city of Boston demand that defund the Boston Police by at least 10% ($41 Million) and that you divert those funds towards Boston’s youth employment program, Successlink, the cities violence intervention programs, and majority-black Boston Public Schools. We also urge that the city will reject the increase in the Boston Public Schools budget for police officers. What schools need are more nurses, better teachers, guidance counselors, therapists, social workers, not the police. As we know, those who will be the most negatively impacted by an increased police presence are the black and brown students.

Our Demands for the City of Boston

1. Defund the Boston Police Department by at least 10% (around $41m)
2. Remove Police from the education system
3. Put a cap on overtime accrual + Overtime pay for military exercises